Saturday, May 8, 2010

Why should I have my own blog and my domain name?

The question that might come to a reader's mind is why exactly would anyone want their own their own blog that too their own domain name. I used to think the same, and in fact thought of these things as mere frivolities, especially when one of my very good friend, Rahul Sarin bought a domain in his own name. But, I guess, with time opinions change. Rahul had once told me that buying a domain name is like buying real estate. Not that think that my own name will command real estate like prices any time soon, but I guess its just about having one's name up in the virtual world. So, this blog has become my part of the internet. I had been thinking of just buying the domain "" and keeping it registered just in case... till I hit upon the idea of having my own blog. This idea was inspired by my batch mate Ajar Rab's blog and blog of one of my seniors from law school, Ashutosh Salil who made it to the coveted Indian Administrative Service (IAS) yesterday.

I would be using this blog to write about several things that I've always wished to write and talk about, but the maximum I end up doing is a status update on facebook. Though status updates let a number of people, who are known to you about what you might be thinking about, they can never be used for making elaborate arguments or nuanced points. Facebook notes might have been a good idea, but the attraction of having a blog on one's own domain is too alluring.

Hence this blog.

I plan to write about all sorts of things, right from internal politics of NLSIU (National Law School, Bangalore), to current national and world events to interesting things that I came across. I have been told several times that I end up committing grammatical mistakes while writing, so I would like to apologize for it at the very outset. I do not plan to hide behind pseudonyms or fake names, and would be talking straight as far as possible, exercising the fundamental right of free speech and expression in the best possible manner, and would also try keep in mind all reasonable restrictions on my right.


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